Doing yourself a favour

Why build with steel?  Why not just use wood?  Do yourself a favour – read this.

It’s easier on your back!:  Wood frames are heavy and working with them can be hard work.  Steel’s less than half the weight of timber, which makes it much easier to lift and move around.  Do your team a favour.

Time is money:  Because they’re lighter you put them up faster – and time is money!  They even come pre-punched for running your electrical cables.  More time – and money – saved.  Do the accountant a favour.

Light doesn’t mean weak:  You still want a quality job, using trusted materials that are tough.  Steel frames are so strong they have been proven in recent controlled testing to withstand earthquakes of up to nine of the Richter Scale.  Do your client a favour.

No nasty chemicals – a healthier option:  Wood is treated with heaps of nasty chemicals that you have to work with all day.  Can’t be good for you.  Steel, on the other hand, isn’t treated with anything.  No nasty chemicals – it’s a much healthier option.  So why risk it?  Do your family a favour.

Straighter frames:  Steel stays perfectly straight and isn’t affected by rain or too much sun.  There’s no going back to fix up weather-related problems, there’s no hanging around waiting for things to dry, there’s no warping, twisting, shrinkage or cracking.  Steel frames stay true over the life of the building, and they are dimensionally stable.  Do everyone a favour.

Simple as:  Steel frames generally arrive on site just like your timber pre-nail does.  You can also get them flat packed for building sites you don’t have good access to, and assemble them on site. All components are labelled and each wall is strapped together as one packet with a plan showing you how it all assembles.  Standing the frames is easy and much the same as timber walls, but instead of nailing them together you use TEX screws. We have a video section which shows you how to do most things, from standing frames, to fixing wall linings and finishing.  Working with steel is really simple.  So do yourself a favour.

You don’t need to build completely in steel – just use it where it make sense.  You already use steel rondo battens to keep your ceilings flat; if you are doing a skillion roof, why not use one of our roof panels which are quick and effective and can achieve longer spans than the same size timber. So if part of your job is proving a bit tricky with timber, or just getting too expensive, give as a call.  We might have a solution.  Do us a favour!

More cost effective:  From a design perspective, steel-framing allows you to widen your horizons – literally. With one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all construction materials, steel delivers excellent spanning capability. This makes it perfect for creating wide, open spaces; as well as innovative building shapes and non-conventional roof lines. It’s also ideal for building on sloping or difficult sites.

A tough choice?

If two products are similar in cost, but one gives you heaps of extra value, which would you choose? The price of timber frames and steel frames for the average Kiwi house is very similar.  But that’s where the similarities end.

Steel offers much greater strength, hugely improved durability, much better fire resistance and a healthier, chemical free environment. It also allows you to build ‘bigger’. Steel’s strength allows for a home with larger open areas and larger doors and windows to make the best of a view, or that make the indoor-outdoor flow seamless. It offers bigger spans at an affordable price so your customer doesn’t have to compromise on their dream home.

So, while the cost is similar, the advantages are massive. Which will you choose?

Check out our videos and photo gallery to see what you can achieve.  If you have more questions, check out our FAQs and if you can’t find your answer there, give us call.